Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Gore Vidal 1925 - 2012

By their witticisms shall ye know them:
In 1971, in the green room before The Dick Cavett Show, Mailer butted Gore Vidal in the face, having taken exception to the novelist's review of one of his books. Seven years later, at a party, he threw a glass at him and, by some accounts, including Vidal's ("I saw this tiny fist coming at me"), punched him. Still on the floor, Vidal announced: "Words fail Norman Mailer. Yet again."
El Tarangu very much enjoyed Julian, Vidal's historical novel on the Roman Emperor who attempted to reintroduce the worship of the Roman gods to the empire. For anyone who has yet to read any Gore, his selected essays are the perfect starting point (El T was introduced to the joys of Montaigne through this collection).

A huge talent, who will be sorely missed.

Quote via The Atlantic.

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