Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Old Irish Book Covers

B’Fhiú an Braon Fola, Séamas Ó Maoileóin (Anne Yeats)

From the blog Vintage Irish Bookcovers, as seen on New Inquiry.

This reminded El Tarangu of an article we saw in the Irish Times years ago about book covers from the early years of the Irish State, published by state publisher An Gúm. The article is long behind a paywall, but we were able to find the link to the original exhibit.

Allagar na h-Inise,  Tomás Ó Criomhtháin (AÓM)

Trí Dúnmharfa go Leith, Mícheál D'Andún (unsigned)

Síobhraí na mBeann is na nGleann, Brighid Ní Loinsigh (unsigned)

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